Organizing and Simplifying Together


A cluttered playroom makes it difficult to find toys, hard for kids to find space to play creatively, and virtually impossible for quick and simple clean up (you know, the kind that is so simple even the kids can do it?). A session spent decluttering, organizing, paring down toys to just what is used, loved, and offers the opportunity for creative and positive play can work wonders in making your playroom usable, maintainable, and a pleasure for the entire family. And I have plenty of helpful ideas for the other rooms of your house, too!


Sometimes we become so busy, with a schedule packed with work and social commitments, plus our children’s activities, that the day feels overly full and hectic. We can work together to evaluate which activities should stay, and perhaps find some that can go, allowing for an easier flow of time in the day. We can also strategize about how best to set up your schedule to allow for downtime, family meals, homework time, and so on, while still making room for those activities and commitments that are most valued by your family.

Daily Routine:

The beginning and ending to each day sets the tone for everything in between. How does a typical morning look in your home? Does everyone know where their backpack and lunch is? Can everyone be ready with what they need for the day without a mad scramble to get out the door? We can create systems, and simplify the morning routine to allow for a less stressful and more organized launch into the day for the entire family.

Similarly, when everyone comes back together at the end of the day, is there a plan for dinner? Is there time always set aside for essential activities like homework, downtime, and planning for the following day? If not, the evening can be rushed and stressful, rather than a relaxed unwinding and family time. We can work together to create a routine and flow to the day that reduces the stress and last-minute rushing that can otherwise derail you.