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Books on Organizing and Simplicity

Some of my favorite books on organizing and simplicity.  These are both informational and inspiring!Helping Hand

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toy clutter To Keep or To Toss? How to Cut Down On The Barrage Of Toys February 23, 2018 by leah.stanton - One question that I have heard more than almost any other is, “How do we cut down on the toy clutter?” Toys enter our home in many ways – birthdays, holidays, souvenirs of trips and experiences, and more. Once the toy clutter takes up residence it can be difficult to get them out, even when the […]
Busy Boycott Take the “Busy Boycott” February 12, 2018 by leah.stanton - Recently, I was reading a blog post by Joshua Becker on his wonderful website He states that “busy has become the new fine.” What he means is this – when someone asks how we are, we used to say, “fine.” Now we say, “busy.” Why? Anecdotally, I would say that we all are, in […]
service projects Turn Decluttering into a Family Service Project February 7, 2018 by leah.stanton - I am always looking for ways to engage our family in acts of service. Our children gain skills, empathy, and awareness from helping others. There are many ways that you can turn decluttering into a way to help others, involving your entire family. The simplest way is to choose a charity or local organization to […]

Out of clutter, find simplicity.

— Albert Einstein