Cleansing experience

What can I say? I was living with 20 years worth of clutter in my kitchen!  Leah came over and helped me to deal with my need to retain what I didn’t use.  Her guidance and assistance in helping me to “let go” of items that were seldom, if ever, used was invaluable. I can now open the dreaded “Tupperware cabinet” without fear of things falling out on me (and I can find a lid for each item)!  By the end of our session, 9 bags, 1 large box, and two sets of pots and pans were awaiting new homes with the local donation center. Leah’s invaluable help has afforded me more space and easy access to those items used most in my kitchen.  This “cleansing experience” has instilled in me a new desire to de-clutter the rest of my house and I know if I can’t do it on my own, that Serene Spaces is only a call away.